About Us

About Us

We help you build an end-to-end marketing analytics strategy

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Who we are?

Our team of highly experienced digital analytics consultants, each with at least 5 years of experience in their specialist fields, are here to help you drive business impact and use data with purpose.

How can we help you?

Get full control of your data.

Our team helps you define and enforce policy on how your data is created, processed, and delivered. Together we will work on your data collection mechanism to ensure that all your decisions are informed only on high-quality data.

Understand your user journey.

The differences between what people can do and what they want or choose to do are at the heart of the challenge of understanding your user behaviour.

We will help you understand, map and build your user journey tracking that can fuel your marketing and product teams with insights about your customers. This will lead your teams to meaningful efforts that can meet the user at the right time in the right place.

Trust your decisions.

We will help you build a centralised data collection mechanism that generates quality data. Data that matters for your business.

You will never have to doubt what the data says because you are going to be fully in control of what data goes in your warehouse and what data you will use to make your decisions.

Optimise and experiment with purpose.

We will help you and your team access real-time behavioural data that can fuel your marketing automation campaigns. We will support your team with very detailed views of your customer behaviour so that you can maximise the ROI from your owned, earned and paid media.

Our services

We provide a wide range of services meant to support your marketing efforts and help your company make data-driven decisions.

Audits and optimisation:

Google Tag Manager Audits

Mixpanel Audits

Google Analytics Audits

Amplitude Audits

Conversion Tracking Audits

Google Looker Studio Audits

* For each audit performed by our team we will provide you with recommendations and we can also support you in your optimization efforts post-audit.

Implementation services:

Server-side tagging

Migrating Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

First Party Analytics with Snowplow (Open source, BDP)

Mobile app analytics

We help businesses decide how best to allocate their marketing spend.

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